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What is Shellac...?
Shellac is the first hybrid nail colour.  It combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gel. Chip free, extended wear colour, easy on/easy off. Shellac is UV curved so there is zero drying time.  A nail polish that will last at least 10 days without chipping, plus keeping a high shine. Removal is just 10 mins, no drilling, no buffing off and, more importantly, NO DAMAGE to the natural nail.

Manicure with SHELLAC finish - £25.00
Filing, shaping of the free edge, treatment to the nails/cuticles (if needed). Application of Shellac UV Base, Shellac UV Color (x2) and Shellac UV Top Coat.  Finish with Solar Oil.  

Manicure with SHELLAC French Polish Finish - £30.00
As above

We stock a HUGE range of the Shellac colors and always carry the most recent color Collection.  

Why do I love Shellac?
  • Easy to wear with a crystal shine
  • Does not feel "thick" on the natural nail                                       
  • No strong smells from the products either
  • Fantastic range of colours
  • 5 minute removal time (which I do NOT charge for)
  • Absolutely NO filing of the natural nail
  • Gentle to the natural nail, and
Don't forget that I do not charge for the removal of Shellac... it's FREE!

A CND Shellac Service requires...
*  Manicure
*  Shellac base coat
*  Shellac colour
*  Shellac top coat
*  CND Shellac UV Light
Go on... try it!  You won't look back!
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